Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A very brief update

Ok, here is the score thus far... We got here safely if not a little late and then jumped in a taxi from Delhi to Ludhiana in the North. All in all the cab ride was eight hours, costing all of fifty quid. Or in perspective, the same as a cab from London to Greater London after a night on the lash. I have written close on three pages of drivel now, but alas do not have internet at the house so will need to do one massive post. So far we have been up to the Wagha border where the Indian and Pakistani armies goad each other each evening with pompous marches and good natured antagonism, then off to a town called Amirtsar, home to the Golden Temple. I was up at dawn to shoot it, however dawn was much like a sullen teenager and failed to offer much of it's potential!

More to follow and hopefully some images. Packed two flashguns Paulo, and a small Lumiquest softbox. Phil, the tea here all comes with msala and sugar boiled into it. Tasty stuff if you have a sweet tooth I imagine. And after a week of every type of lentil and bean known to man the thought of a chicken sandwich from the kebeb shop sounds almost heavenly. I could murder a Simpson's chicken. Sad. But true.

More to follow, in an internet cafe at the moment and will copy stuff across from the USB key in a second if I can get access to a machine with a USB2 port.

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