Friday, 10 July 2009

You said "HOW MUCH!!!!"

Or alternatively somewhere to lay your sleepy head.

I am working on this at the moment and it will be posted right at the beginning of the blog as the first entry. Update: It is the only entry in Feb 09!

This will be down and dirty, functional information without the pretty pictures, aimed at those who need indicative prices and possibly the name of a place to stay. Some of it is Lonely Planet and Rough Guide recommendations, much of it is from people we have met along the way, but the benefit of this post will be that we have actually stayed a night in a bed here so hopefully the information will be accurate. The accommodation has varied from the pristine and clean to blood on the walls and bugs in the bed, but hey, that is all part of the adventure.

Included in this post will be accomodation costs, visa information as we found it and transport routes. This is all likey to change over time so none of this is gospel. And of course, being Asia, prices are usually negotiable. Obviously this post is aimed at people doing similar trips to us or anyone who wants to get a snap shop of prices. We will endevour to update this regularly but should you need any other information then ping me an email. Happy days.

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