Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Easy Way Out

Writing takes ages. Here are some images instead!

1 - Hue. Each evening at dusk the sky is filled with vibrantly colored kites, transported here mostly by men on bicycles.

2 - Silk Worm Factory Workers, Dalat

3 - Downtime. My heart goes out to the cyclo riders. Each day, regardless of the heat they are out on the street plying their trade. And lets face it, in some circumstances sleeping on the job is a necessity!

4 - Hoi An. Market Lady

5 - Nha Trang Nun

6 - Hilltribe Woman, Sapa

7 - Halong Bay

8 - Nha Trang Opera House

9 - Hanoi at Sunset

10 - Part of the Imperial Complex Hue

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