Tuesday, 8 December 2009


This is Balut. A chicken and an egg, all in one. Well, actually a duck if you must really be pedantic about it. In most of the towns we have been in whilst staying in Philippines, the lyrical cry of "Baluuuut" has punctuated the quiet of the early evening. I tried one a couple of weeks back. It was not too my delectation, but to be fair this was a mental thing really. Once I got my teeth into it, the taste was not that different from that of a boiled egg. I have to admit that this balut was bought purely for photographic purposes and then ferreted into the bin whilst no one was looking, in much the same way we used to hide brussel sprouts on the ledge beneath our dining room table as kids. Eat up, before it gets cold.


  1. I started reading this thinking it would be about how you loved balut and it was the best thing you ever tasted etc etc.

    But congratulations for at least tasting one!!

  2. I really like Balut after 5 months stayed in Philippine. Yummy! I will never forget when I'm back to my country.

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